..as i write this in january 2018, beginnings of SEASON WINTER at the FARMHOUSE, WE are a chaotic bunch, and i am feeling happier about a brand new year, as it all begins, i have many projects in the old house and trying my best to work them all out. My newness with life rehabilitation therapy, as i call it, with my leg injuries. I have started my own yoga posé therapy, having to figure out the very best way in the farmhouse, is using garden therapy with stretching for therapy, and as i continue my research for this, i have also, contributed more time to the knowledge of my health and the knowledge of being an herborist. In other news, as wintery days continues in rural Wisconsin, I am thinking on, how the pass, is clearer and more define. My future, i expect more chaos. As my plans, for our future is evolving, as our next chapter begins,  i want to create flowers, horses, fields, and markets. I want to keep, to my design features and décors, and while finding, and living in the old farmhouse, searching in rural Wisconsin, as our place to breathe, and to enjoy the calm, and to reconnect, to the natural world, I wanted to invite the beauty of wild flowers, flowering fields and vegetables and horses, markets, and their perfumes to my little farmette. WHERE old meets the new, in my restoring and harvesting, and my passions for photographé, writing and creating & being mommy continues | MARCH 2018, IN SEASON SPRING | THE EASTER FARMHOUSE in garden bunnies | planning INSPRIATIONS and moods. | MAY 2018, lilacs, peaonies and strawberries | JUNE 2018, dreaming at the farmhouse 

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