artworks and photography by LA FARMETTE | LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE | TINA MARIE

tina marie | creative director, curator and proprietress

tear sheets and inspirational photography by LA FARMETTE | LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE | TINA MARIE 



MY ADORED FARMHOUSE | BEAUTIFUL CHAOS | POETRY OF LA FARMHOUSE, MY DEVINÉ FARMHOUSE MESS, LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE was born in rural wisconsin by tina marie, from her fondness, of old houses, she found and began living in the old house in 2007 winter, this inspired her to open as an ONLINE BOUTIQUE in 2008 called LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE LA COLLECTION, as A BLOG in 2010 called poetry of la farmhouse my devine farmhouse mess.

LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE | is a SEASONAL, BOUTIQUE STYLE ONLINE SHOP Owned and Operated by TINA MARIE.  Proprietress and Creative Director. Inspired by memories, of days gone by and her currently percolating new with the old. 

TINA MARIE is an artist, curator, clothing designer, photographer, writer, room composer and painter. This inspired her to collect and curate and designed, LA VINTAGE FARMHOUSE LA COLLECTION she is also proprietress and mistress of LA FARMETTE

Her titled line, envolves around her Feminine Dreamlike Imagery’s, found in the nineteenth hundreds through nineteenth fifties. With love and interest of the seventeenth hundreds and eighteenth hundreds, and her fondness of her childhood mémoires, of the nineteenth seventies  MADE IN THE HEARTLAND with sun bleached, and autumn or winters hues.

Tina Marie has a deep love for farmhouses, farmettes, gardens, herbalism, horses, harvesting, markets, socials and soirées and her French, Native, and Swedish heritages. She is also passionate about Historic Figures, Period Dramatic Literature and Poetry, she continues to work in an all en~compassing vision, WHILE DREAMING AT THE FARMHOUSE 

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